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Re: Dash Cams

Postby Paddy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:40 am

Isn’t the best answer to have a covert camera?

For example a camera hidden behind the grill will give you all the evidence you need in the case of an incident, but any involvement with plod and any evidence you don’t want to give is save.

As for your phone storing all the data to prove your speed, well if your on a blat, turn it off.

Not that I suggest anyone should be intentionally speeding

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Re: Dash Cams

Postby Supersolo » Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:49 am

Just my two penneth worth;

Never interested in them, until Late last year when someone drove into me, sending me onto the central reservation, before I could get back to the road.

The driver stopped, eventually, apologized in a convincingly insincere manner and asked if we could sort out the cost to repair, between ourselves. I declined and went through the insurance.

A week later I learn the driver was claiming I drove into him and so now I'm going through the protracted process of proving liability.

If only I'd had a dash camera fitted!

So now I've fitted DCs to both my cars.

I don't have a Mustang yet, but I've an order in for a 2018 GT. I will remove the DC from whichever car I trade in and re-install in the Mustang.

Sad reality is people appear to be willing to lie and commit fraud to protect their NCD and get a whiplash payout.
So it's DCs for me now.

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