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Condensation in S550 rear lights

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:45 am
by Bullitt66
Anyone else suffer from condensation in their rear lights? I have misting in both LH & RH units whenever it rains or I wash the car. It does evaporate (eventually as theres no heat in LEDs).

Ford UK customer service have been zero use and told me that its the 'design intent' of the car. Really? Like electrics & water are a good combo? To me that's unacceptable answer for a Korean shopping trolley, let alone Fords premium product.

They refuse to replace under warranty or even attempt a dealer botch with some sealant.

They even suggested I approach the motor industry ombudsman as I cant escalate it any further within Ford.

Can I suggest you check yours next time you wash it and if theres any evidence of mist, send a complaint to Ford UK (email a photo to

PS Mandy - not fitted your rear light decals yet whilst Ive been waiting for Ford to resolve this petty warranty issue...

Re: Condensation in S550 rear lights

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:00 pm
by Manders Mustang
it condenses in the lense, which is sealed off from the light section (it's in two parts).

It's in th emanual that it may occur but drips and blotching and puddles is when they should be replaced under warranty.

fwiw I've never had issues and my rear lights have been cut open to put sequentials in.

Re: Condensation in S550 rear lights

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:34 pm
by Bullitt66
I have to agree with your definition Mandy about light units 'misting' versus one with drops of water. However I have pukka water droplets, Uncle Henry Ford has walked away.

The fault doesn't seem to occur on 100% of cars - a few rants over misted headlights on this site state their rears are OK, & you haven't seen it for example, which would point to an inconsistent manufacturing process.

From a safety point of view Im really surprised that Ford have shown so little interest. Dare I mention the name Pinto in the same sentence as warranty cost??? The units will fail when wet:

Sadly the only way Ford will acknowledge this is a warranty fault is if their customer team spot a trend i.e. enough people formally complain about it.

So check yours next time you wash the car. Any evidence, a quick pic on your phone and mail it to