Front bumper removal guide S550

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Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby Harley103 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:07 pm

Hi all, I remember being a bit frustrated trying to work out how to remove my front bumper the first time, so I've put this together in the hope it might make it a little easier for someone. In this particular step by step I'm replacing the lower front grill and swapping the switch back light kit over as the first was faulty.

This job normally takes me 2 hours, gives your self plenty of time to finish and avoid rainy weather unless you want want to get moisture in the light clusters

You will need the following tools:
Screwdriver (or something pointy to remove push pin rivets)
7mm ratchet spanner with flex head (if you try this job with a normal spanner don't say i didn't warn you)
Ratchet with the following sockets

Start by turning the steering wheel all the way to the left so you can access the right front wheel arch. You need to remove the 3 pushpin rivets circled. They are plastic and damage very easily. Just pop the centre in with a screwdriver or anything pointy and pull them out. Once you have them out you should be able to pull the wheel arch liner aside a little bit to gain access. It still doesn't give you a whole lot of room to work with mind you.


This is the nightmare of the job, you need to get your 7mm ratchet spanner in here to take out the single bolt holding the bumper onto the front wing, the whole time trying to hold the wheel arch liner out of the way. Perseverance is gold and don't forget to look forward to putting it all back together.

Once done repeat all of the above for the other side of the car


Open up the hood and remove the plastic rivets. Pull the centre piece outwards on these before removing the rest of the rivet. Take the top radiator cover piece away.


Now remove the the 6 bolts circled with an 8mm socket


There is one small bolt either end. I got a 7/32" socket to fit but it didn't seem quite right. Neither a 6mm or 7mm worked at all


Now get a 7mm socket and remove the 12 bolts and washers underneath connecting the bumper to the lower guard. Once complete the bumper is no longer attached! It's simply hanging on by the top.

Before proceeding a second pair of hands would be very helpful but not necessary. There is very little slack on all the cables and wires for the light bulbs so if one person could just lift the bumper away a few inches and hold it there whilst you unplug all he connectors it would be a bit easier.

There is also a cable connected to the front bumper on the RHD which is the shortest of all of them


These are your lower light clusters. Don't forget there are 2 bulbs in the fog lamp housing and you can't quite see the lower one in my picture. This is the easiest way to go changing all your bulbs to LED if you already had to take the bumper off for another reason


Ta Da! Your bumper is away. Get something nice to lay it down on so it doesn't scratch.


If you are removing either the top or bottom grill you need to take out the centre piece in the middle inside the red box first. A wire is connected both ends by some grey connectors you can easily remove.


There are 6 clips holding it in and they are very firmly. Use a flathead screw driver or something similar to carefully wedge them open one at a time and then just pull the centre piece away a little bit


Now to remove the lower grill release all the tabs circled again with a flat head screwdriver. The upper grill is a similar story. Be warned I found my lower grill was fixed in so firm i had to dremel away the grill around 2 of the tabs to get it loose. This shouldn't be an issue if you are replacing it with a new one anyway


You'll see this cable is attached. Pull it loose by hand once connector at a time. If you are changing it for a US spec lower grill like I was there won't be anywhere to reconnect the cable, I just managed to tuck it back in neatly on re-assembly


Lower grill away! Take your new one and put it in place. Again I found the tabs to be very stiff. I had to get a block of wood and a hammer to whack the new grill in carefully one tab at a time


Now replace the centre piece tucking the cable away neatly. Don't forget to re-connect the connectors at each end


This is a quick pic of the switch back bulbs I've installed from ProLED. The orange/brown connector block used to plug straight into the back of the indicator bulb, but this kit separates it by 12 inch of cable and the new bulb pops into place in the housing via a rubber grommet. There is an additional white wire to make the set up work, it needs to be spliced into one of the wires for the sidelight bulb. Soldering can be a nightmare so I just used a connector block


Now just take yourself backwards to put it all back together. Once the bumper is lifted into place I'd suggest putting the 12 7mm bolts from underneath in first as its much easier to line them up whilst you can wiggle the bumper around a bit.

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Re: Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby Shadow Pony » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:20 pm

Well done a lot of hard work and details gone into this thread and I'm sure it will help a lot of members no to damage their body work with this guide.

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Re: Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby JWR » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:58 am

the small bolts next to each headlight are 5.5mm if i recall

hope that helps


jason :D

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Re: Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby badhand » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:13 pm

Thanks man! Great post.

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Re: Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby YorkshireStang » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:53 pm

if you are removing either the top or bottom grill you need to take out the centre piece in the middle inside the red box first. A wire is connected both ends by some grey connectors you can easily remove.


I removed my bumper the other day and as you can see in your image and as you mention, there are some grey connectors with wiring that attach to the bumper but all go back to one main connector. This connector also sits next to one of the grey connections but when i took my bumper off it didn't have anything plugged into it.

Does anybody know what it/they are for? Crash sensors? Front parking sensors what isn't wired/enabled on EU models?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby TimG » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:17 am

Thanks for the written guide. CJ Pony Parts do a video guide to fitting a illuminated grill emblem which involves removing the bumper. Possibly not convienient to play in garage during the job but Harleys guide could be printed out. ... 17/p/GO44/

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Re: Front bumper removal guide S550

Postby Manders Mustang » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:51 am

Just to gloat, I've got bumper removal down to a 25minute jobbie now. :rock :rock (on the ground, with wheels and arch liners on!!)
First time took probably 2 hours, you deffo get quicker the more you've done it. Must have removed one about 15 times now (Not all on my car obviously).

The small bolts are 5.5mm, same as the ones in the decklid are. I use vice grips to get them out (sure they have a different name). I haven't reinstalled mine because they're fking useless :lol: :lol: .

Quick tip for those with painted rad covers, swap the push pins for the same ones that are keeping the battery cover in, much quicker and easier to remove.

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