12 Months in a GT

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12 Months in a GT

Postby Garvin » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:13 pm

A quick report a year in with the Stang.

Car : Ruby red automatic GT fastback, ebony trim with custom pack registered 1st April 2017. Mileage now 7707.

Mods: Fully undersealed. Full Gtechniq Crystal Serum ceramic coating (body and wheels). Bonnet struts. Jacking bars.

Faults: None.

Likes: 5.0 litre V8 engine revs freely and sounds great. Fuel consumption running at an overall average of 22.6 mpg. Very comfy GT cruiser. Pretty nimble for its size. Heated and cooled seats. Folding rear seats. £140 pa VED.

Dislikes: Too tail happy. Pirelli tyres. Cannot load own 'wallpaper' onto Sync 3 screen. Oil consumption. Panel gaps.

General: I have thoroughly enjoyed this first year with the car, it has a definite 'feel good' factor and attracts a lot of positive comment.

Although it has a LSD I fear Ford may too set it too 'tight' which, coupled with the awful Pirelli tyres, makes the back end far too 'loose' in tight turns. I always intended to swap out the Pirellis for Michelin PSS but then decided to wait for the Michelin PS4S to be released in the appropriate sizes. This has taken longer than expected and meant driving in cold winter conditions on the Pirellis - really exposed their limitations! However, the 4Ss will be fitted all round very soon and, hopefully, will provide a cure for the rear end woes.

The standard screens on the Sync 3 look particularly 'low rent' so whatever source is selected I always set it to display the sat nav map. The DAB reception is very good though. The touch screen is great when stationary but difficult to use on the move.

The fuel consumption is a welcome surprise. Coupled with the reasonable insurance (I'm an old geezer with a good driving record in a low risk post code area) and the low VED the running costs are very reasonable when all is considered.

The car is very comfortable and useable. No complaints with the driving position/seating, control weighting/operation or ergonomics (apart from the touch screen), or the air con/heating system. With the back seats folded it also has plenty of room for luggage (if not back seat passengers). Visibility is no problem either.

It has consumed 1.5 litres of oil in its first year, although this has settled down of late. Not disastrous by any means but other Fords seem to consume no oil between annual services.

The ceramic coating has made this the cleanest and easiest to keep clean car I have ever owned. Cleaning the wheels is an absolute doddle - brake dust/road grime just doesn't stick at all. Just wash and rinse and it comes up absolutely gleaming.

In summary a very enjoyable mode of transport and I have no regrets in buying it and intend to keep it for at least another two years.

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Re: 12 Months in a GT

Postby badhand » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:27 pm

Nice write-up.

Now you need to bring it to the StangFest trackday and review its performance on track... You know it makes sense.

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