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Magna ride explained

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:16 pm
by badhand
Quick vid from American Muscle for you guys thinking of getting MY18s:

So what I'm getting is, as with other cars I've had with similar setting options, is you'll just leave it in 'Track'. The fun of adjusting into other modes disappears when you realise it just makes the car feel worse.

And lowering from stock is going to be a pain in the early days.

Seventeen hundred bucks sounds alright for the electronic trickery, but what's it cost in pounds over here? I've not paid much attention to prices tbh. :oops:

Re: Magna ride explained

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:44 am
by Manders Mustang
about the same in quid. (£1600ish).

There's an order out there that's about to be locked in, that's got no name next to it. OF, Mag ride, A10, Custom pack with forged wheels :rock .

Mag ride is a godsend, and wipes the floor with coilovers, however I just wish we could retrofit it (easily!) to a My15-17 (even from a 350), however there's sooooo much electrical gimmickry needed it become a good few thousand job. :axe

Re: Magna ride explained

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:08 pm
by cati
Shame it doesn’t have this a flat plate crank v8 a 9.5 rev limit and a M button...