05-08 Safety recall notice

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05-08 Safety recall notice

Postby grahamngillian » Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:57 pm

Hey, Gents.
Not been on here in a while but thought this might be useful to many of you.

Please feel free to distribute as you see fit to other sites / clubs / friends etc that this may affect.

I just received a recall notice in the mail for an airbag sensor issue. This concerns 2005-2008 model years only and these things are not usually mailed outwith the US and Canadian borders unless the vehicle was bought directly from a US dealership and shipped by them.

The dealer notice says it only concerns vehicle originating from Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands but my specific recall notice says "Southern US States" so it may concern you even if your car came from another State like California or Texas.
PM me if you want to see my specific recall notice. The generic notice put out to the dealers can be googled or I have that as well.
"Customer Satisfaction Program 14B04".

You should contact "Ford Warranty" & NOT "Ford UK" who will simply tell you to "go away".
I found this out when I was going through the paperwork to take the Stang from the UK to Canada.


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