Hybrid Mustangs on the way..

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Hybrid Mustangs on the way..

Postby DavePrice » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:55 pm

Not sure I like the idea TBH but definitely a sign of the times!

http://jalopnik.com/ford-is-making-a-hy ... 1790710931

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Manders Mustang
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Re: Hybrid Mustangs on the way..

Postby Manders Mustang » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:46 pm

There will still be a V8

My thinking is it'll be an I4 or V6 with the electric battery to produce more/the same BHP as the V8 (with less Literage/cylinders/valves) with more Torque.
If they make the V8 with an Electric battery, it'll be a right bitch to control, just look at the P1. :lol:

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Re: Hybrid Mustangs on the way..

Postby Ant379 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:35 pm

This is the same route every car (and supercar) is going down - keeping up with the times. This I can accept - beat me up if you wish.

You only have to look at the old days and remember the V12 F1 cars out there. Formula 1 cars now have V6 1.6 litre hybrid engines. They are amazing bits of kit so why cant the Mustang go down this route.

I know a lot of people hated the Ecoboost being made available but isn't it a triumphant milestone that a 4l economic engine can do 310hp in such a heavy car?

What I am struggling to accept is driverless cars! What fun is that and how the hell will it integrate with driven cars.


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Re: Hybrid Mustangs on the way..

Postby mattmoxon » Fri Jan 13, 2017 8:17 am

Its an interesting idea, it would be nice to have a multi mode system so that when you are bimbling around it works like a conventional hybrid system and when you want to have fun it becomes a KERS type system.

I think the V6, as an NA engine, has its days numbered with the new I4 its largely pointless as it produces more power and is more efficient, sure it might not sound as nice.

I think it will be a while before they drop the V8 though (thankfully) but eventually it will be restricted to the flagship SVT/Shelby model with the base car being an I4 turbo hybrid and the GT being a V6 twin turbo hybrid.

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Re: Hybrid Mustangs on the way..

Postby webbrowan » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:19 am

I'm not surprised that more companies are jumping onto the electric and hybrid bandwagon to be honest. And it's a good sign that everyone is doing so. In any case, if the Tesla Models are anything to go by, there won't be much of a downside considering the performance of most of their range!

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