SVA - Manchester Chadderton.

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SVA - Manchester Chadderton.

Postby Manny » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:22 am

I took an 06 V6 to Manchester a few days ago, against advice from here that Manchester was too strict and nothing passes etc.

So Manchester is not so bad after all. The car did fail on a few very minor things and I am back with it next week @ £32 cost. Thats not unreasonable as it is the first one I have done.

The guy was quite helpful, I picked his brain continually throughout (Well I wanted my 158 quidsworth didnt I?)

So what did it fail on?

Orange sidelights - I installed white ones in the headlights but left the orange ones working as I reasoned to myself that Volvos, Chrysler 300's and other cars do this. Anyway, they should be disconnected. He told me it depends if they can be seen from 45 degrees from the front.

Tidy wiring - I had not finished the wiring completely as there are a few revisions I wanted to make, the guy pointed out a few places under the bonnet and above the pedals where new wires should be in sheathing. (which I was going to do anyway later on) Wires should be out of site and blending in with originals as much as possible it seems.

And thats it! The guy said I had made 'typical rookie mistakes' and explained that they can do many tests on other things if they want to, like a mirror angle test and all kinds of other stuff. (But they know already Mustangs pass them all so there is no point) I got the impression that if you turn up with a silly bodge they will make you work harder. He told me a tale of a guy last week who put some red tape over a reverse light on a Lincoln and tried to call it a foglight. They sent him away with a flea in his ear and a huge fail list.

Manchester does quite a lot of Mustangs as there are several dealers here. Maybe they have calmed down a bit since other members had bad experiences with them. They certainly seem to know the cars inside out, no fumbling for bonnet catches or anything, the guy was round it like it was his own car.

I will have no hesitation in taking future Mustangs to Manchester for SVA and will be confident I can have them passed with ease.
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Re: SVA - Manchester Chadderton.

Postby ozza » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:56 am

Not a bad fail list all things considered.

As you say, I suppose it depends whether they think you are trying to pull a fast one or not in many cases.

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