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EPM 7 mode rear light sequencers

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:44 pm
by jwracing
HI everyone , been absent for the forums for a while , our new premises still taking up loads of my time but its gradually coming together

Anyway , as you may or may not know we are the UK distributor for EPM (Exotic Pony Mods) holding their 2 main products in UK stock

The latest variant of the 'plug and play' rear sequencers have cured all the problems of early variants and are now fault free and an easy install for any enthusiast

These lights have 3 modes , standard , sequencing with brake over indicator and sequencing with indicator over brake

You can find these here, they fit all models from 2015 through to the 2018 model and we have plenty in stock currently


We now also offer the 7 mode / function workshop install sequencing upgrade from EPM which takes rear sequencing to whole new level

Upgrade stock LEDs inside Tail Lights, with integrated Drivers and Controllers
Adding Triple Amber and Triple Red Capability
Exceptionally Engineered to work seamlessly with OE factory harness and factory boards
7 popular modes to select from drivers seat
Factory mode restore for peace of mind
Robust design - operating range -20 to 80 degrees C
Certain modes are road legal in different countries

Available Modes:
Mode 1: Cursor Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
Mode 2: Sequential Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake (Default Mode)
Mode 3: Cursor Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake
Mode 4: Triple Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake (Indicator Priority)
Mode 5: All RED Mode (USDM) (Indicator Priority)
Mode 6: Sequential Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
Mode 7: Factory Mode

Due to the need for the rear lamps to be opened this is a dealer only install , we can fit at our workshop in Luton, you can send your lights in or we can arrange an exchange pair of lamps if needed

You can see the full listing for this upgrade here



Please note the listing price only secures you the boards , we do not supply the boards direct to the customer and you will have to pay the labour charges for install of the boards to your lights or an exchange set. The labour costs are £72.00 per light. If you come to our workshop for install we will complete the removal of your lights , the changeover of the boards and the reinstallation and test of the lamps all within the labour costs noted above. If you chose to send your lights in or buy on exchange the costs remain the same.

Any questions please feel free to ask


Re: EPM 7 mode rear light sequencers

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:24 am
by jwracing
for those of you who like to watch the videos

heres a video of the lamps on our demo car running in Mode 3


Jason :D