JWR's (slightly late) New Year Sale 2018

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JWR's (slightly late) New Year Sale 2018

Postby jwracing » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:43 pm

Hi everyone , welcome to 2018 JWR time   :?

We have been slightly delayed in putting together our new year offers whilst we finished off a few bits in our new showroom and workshop , the electricians are 99% done with only their wuality checks to complete and certificates to issue 

This means our ramps and dyno can be classed as fully operational , we still have plenty to do with plans to move all our stock onto a mezzanine , create more lower floor space so we can add further features to workshop experience

We hope to ultimately include a handover bay where we can present you back your vehicle and go over the work carried out prior to you taking your vehicle away 

We are also in discussion with a professional detailer with many years trading to use part of our facilities including this handover bay so that we can offer full detailing experience / facilities to all our clients as well

Not all T's have been crossed or I's dotted but these are things we can hope and aim for during 2018

In the mean time we want to bring some offers your way  

From today forward you can use the offer MFUK75 this will give you 7.5% discount on any purchase of any product* on our website until midnight 18th February 2018 

If you have a particularly large order you have been considering do get in touch by phone , email or PM and put together your required items and ill have a look to see if its possible to better the above code 

The discount is above and beyond any discount we offer online anyway , so if a product shows 10% from UK RRP , you will get a further 7.5% or more from that already discounted price 

We will also be offering a 33% discount on our installation fees during the same period and until the end of February to give you chance to have any parts you buy installed by us also so make sure you check out a fully fitted price for any parts you are interested in 

If there are parts you are keen on but they don't appear listed on our website do let us know , we will confirm if we can supply those parts and either add them to the website or quote you directly 

And it doesn't stop there , we are not greedy , we know some people have their favoured suppliers or can get a better deal elsewhere so if you need any parts installed that you have previously purchased elsewhere but we are conveniently close to you for installation we will extend the install discount to those supplying their own parts to 20% off our usual rate 

Hopefully that gives everyone in the market in the next few weeks a chance to consider trying a purchase from us if you have not used us before , or having our friendly tech team do your install at a reduced rate whilst you sit and contemplate your next mods , drink our coffee or just try and beat the best scores on our X Box gaming area !

Any questions please do get in touch 


Jason   :D

*there will be a very small number of product exclusions where our own profit margin is smaller than 7.5% , typical example would be Roush Supercharger kit , these items will be exempt from the discount but the install discount will still apply

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