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How to post videos

Postby badhand » Thu May 14, 2015 7:10 am

If you want to directly place videos into your posts on MFUK, you will need to host them elsewhere, and link to them.

There are three easy ways of doing this:

1) YouTube
3) Dropbox

Fairly self explanatory. If you have a YouTube account upload your own video, choose Share under the video and copy the link that looks like this: Paste the link into your post, highlight it and click our youtube button to embed the video.

Photobucket is a hosting site where you create an account, and upload your files to your profile. Each file that you upload has a set of links beside it. Copy and Paste the IMG (yes, this relates to images but photobucket uses the same field for video files) link into your post and voila, your video should appear.

Dropbox is a useful, free, cloud based storage service. With 2GB of space available to use and synchronise across various PCs and devices. The Public folder within Dropbox allows you to right click and "Copy the public link" of each file you place within it. Paste that link into your post and people can click it to watch the video. Depending on your popularity, DropBox may get grumpy if traffic to your public folder is too high. If this is the case try uploading to YouTube.

These are fairly straight forward to use. Any questions feel free to ask Admin or a Global Moderator.

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