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Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:04 pm
by mattmoxon
cati wrote:looks tasty moxy..... have you seen some of the s197 in the US that have fitted the quad pipes with the gt500 rear end. Look fab!

Not my bag if I am honest, no denying they look good but I prefer the twin pipes :)

Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:08 pm
by mattmoxon
This years mods have essentially been restricted to the Weld wheels I didn't get to test last year, and what a difference they made.

They have dropped my best ET nearly two tenths :)


I haven't even played with the shift points and pressures yet, there is a 12.9x in that car I can almost smell it.

Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:21 pm
by cati
changed your underpants? that might be the source of the smell

Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:17 pm
by mattmoxon
cati wrote:changed your underpants? that might be the source of the smell

It was its quickest ever pass but it wasn't that scary :lol:

Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:05 pm
by mattmoxon
It has been a while since I updated this thread but here is a shortish update that kinda finishes off the build as from here it will be maintaining and titivating. As some will know and others won’t I hung my firesuit and helmet up (well sold it) at the end of last season as I wanted to concentrate more on flying; I am now the proud part owner of a Slingsby T67M Firefly:
ImageIMG_3024 by Matthew Moxon, on Flickr
ImageWP_20170513_15_05_56_Pro__highres by Matthew Moxon, on Flickr

So over the past eight months removed and sold:
• The lightweight K-Member and rad support (now sold to a new owner), the NVH was excessive for a non-race car so it had to go really.
• I sold the lightweight front race wheels and tyres on, as well as the pair of tyres I used on the rear for racing. If I am not racing they would just corrode sat in the garage.
• I also removed the Ford Racing inlet manifold and air-oil separator and re-fitted the OEM intake to improve the bottom end torque and mean that I can use regular 95RON “premium” unleaded again rather than 97RON+ “super” unleaded.
• Whilst I was under the front I also stripped out the line locks and replaced the braided brake hoses with new OEM rubber ones (front and rear) after one of the front ones ruptured. The line lock assembly would have just rusted and corroded had I not taken them off, and not being used on the road them being there was pointless.

As far as upgrades go I have done the following:
• Replaced the front two Tokico D-Spec adjustable shocks with a lightly used pair (they don’t make them anymore as Tokico have gone bust) after the strut top bearing collapsed causing one of them to sheer.
• The strut tops were replaced with Ford Racing Track Pack strut tops and Ford Racing camber bolts.
• I have replaced the interior rear view mirror with a new OEM one as the glass has started to delaminate.
• Replaced all the wheel centre caps
• Replaced the steering wheel centre medallion with a new metal GT one, from This:

To this:

The Mustang now has over 100000 miles on it and after toying with selling it earlier in the year I have decided that I (for now) can’t bare to part with it so it is going to be kept and run as a daily driver (as it has been from day one) for the foreseeable future.

As far as future plans for it go:
• Reseal the rear wheel arches with truck bed liner to ensure the cars long term survival
• A little bit of corrosion needs taking care of on the O/S front wing (I think a stone got between the bumper and wing panel gap and has worn through the paint and primer)
• Repaint the slatted front grilles as they are looking tired.
• Remove the upper control arm and re-fit the OEM one
• Re-paint all the aftermarket suspension parts to ensure long term survival in the UK winters.

Other than that its keep it maintained and healthy and carry on driving it every time I need to go somewhere.

A Pic from the first time I raced at Santa Pod:
ImageDSC_5616 by Mark Skinner, on Flickr

If I ever sell it I don’t know what I’d buy, a GT500 is above my budget as is a Dodge Challenger SRT-8, unless it was a smaller cheap to run hybrid thing if I bought my own small classic aircraft as well as having a share in one.

Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:16 pm
by badhand
Well done Moxy. I've followed this thread since day 1. But never expected it to end this way with it turning into a plane!

So good to see the Moxstang still rollin' into the 100s.


Re: MattMoxon's Mustang GT Evolution

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:04 pm
by GazDavies
Glad to hear that you decided against selling the Mustang, when you put so much time and effort into making A car into YOUR car its always going to be hard to let it go. Having said that if you are going to turn hard earned money into a hefty fuel bill then AVGAS is the way to go and I know from experience of rolling both that the Firefly is much more fun to turn upside down in the process!