Tint Kits & Puddle Lamp Tints (S550+)

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Tint Kits & Puddle Lamp Tints (S550+)

Postby Manders Mustang » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:59 pm

I've been meaning to write this for a while, but tint kits have literally been flying off the shelf (or, my desk, where they're meticulously cut to be literal!)

I've got for sale:

Tint kits (rear lights)
Red - £30
Orange - £30 (limited availability)
Dark Smoked (dark grey) - £30

These tint kits were developed at a pure expense to myself and the rolls are custom to me, (after forking out a small fortune to get this sorted) i was originally pulled over for indicators not being visible whilst breaking by the police, which I was asked to change and remove the previous tints (Anchor rooms), and develop my own.
The tints are fully transparent and DO NOT change the colour of the lights shining through them, meaning the Orange-Red still shines through Red when braking and orange when indicating, the Red still shines red when braking and orange when indicating (shown in videos), the dark grey does the same. This allows for the tints to be MOT compliant, and also legally compliant.


Passenger side (left in video) using AR tints, and Drivers side (right in video) using my kit

Greg_C 's videos:

Anchor room tints:

My tint kit

Tint kits (puddle lamps)
Red My15-16 - £10
Red MY16(late)-MY17 / New puddle design - £10
Orange M15-16 - £10
Orange MY16(late)-MY17 / New puddle design -£10
(other colours available on request: Yellow, Purple, Pink, Green, Turqouise, Dark green, light blue, dark blue - Other colours than this, will be hard or nigh on impossible to do on this film without distorting, or destroying the clarity of the ponies)

The kits are priced as follows:
Rear light (6 pieces of tint) - £30, or £5 per each light
Puddle lamp (2 pieces of tint) - £10 (You'll need to specify what puddle lamp it has, you can find out below.

MY15-16 Puddle Lamp. Distinctively has a recess in it, and requires a little bit extra work on my end.

Looks like the following:


My16(late)-My17 / New Style puddle lamp. There's no recess in this, and has a small lens in the middle, the shape is still the same as the previous iteration, however, removes the need to account on my end for a recess in the design. The pony comes out of a small nipple like lense.

(thanks SpArKy for the picture)


Rear light tint kits:
*red and orange below)


Puddle lamps:



(thanks SpArKy)

Disclaimer, I'm doing this all on a zero profit "business", I make no money from these, these are solely done as a "nice to have" (Puddle lamps) and keeping everyone legal with the rear tint kits. The orange-red, Red and Black (dark grey) tint kits are all made using the same composite setup allowing for a change in colour appearance of the lens, but not changing the light colour discharge as they are transparent)

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